Happy Death Day 3 is 'Stirring,' Jason Blum Says

Jason Blum has provided a pretty positive update on the development of Happy Death Day 3.


Some positive news for fans of the Happy Death Dayfranchise, as Blumhouse boss Jason Blum has revealed that things are moving forward on a potential threequel. While taking part in an AQA on Twitter, Blum was asked whether there were any updates regarding Happy Death Day 3, to which the renowned producer replied, “Something is stirring. I will say that.”

Though this is far from confirmation that Happy Death Day 3 is finally happening, it certainly sounds like a positive step forward, particularly when compared to past updates from the rest of the cast and crew. Director Christopher Landon, who has so far helmed both Happy Death Day and its sequelHappy Death Day 2U, recently declared that, while he was ready to go on a third outing, he was struggling to get the studio to back the project.

"I need a truckload of cash, if you could just find that for me, I'll send you my address, you can just drop it off,” Landon said in November 2020. “I get this question a lot and I know that there's a huge fan base and there are a lot of people who want to see the conclusion, as I would say, to the trilogy. I think it really comes down to Universal deciding whether they want it or not, only time will tell. We're ready to make it. Like, I have an outline, I'm ready to go write the script, [star] Jessica Rothe, the whole cast, everybody's on board. They all know what the idea is, they love it, so we'll see."